You might say that fitness is my passion. I love sharing that passion with others and motivating them to increase their strength and energy by becoming active. By assisting others in setting appropriate short term and long term goals, I enjoy helping them reach those goals and move on to the next and see the changes these achievements make to their bodies and their attitudes.

I have had to concentrate on weight maintenance since my mid 20’s when I started going to Weight Watchers and became a Lifetime Member after losing 18lbs. I moved to Toronto from Montreal in 1981, got married and again headed back to WW. This time after losing 22lbs I began working for WW. After 10 years with WW as a Leader I had to leave to focus all my efforts on my work and home life.

The most exercise I had ever done was get off the couch to get a cup of tea and then do a bicep curl of sorts to lift the cup to drink,  and so my weight crept back up. That all changed in 2002.  I was diagnosed with Low Peak Bone Density which later translated into Osteoporosis.

Thanks to a very motivational Athletic Therapist, I transformed my life. At the age of 48, I learned the value of short term and long term goals. He got me climbing mountains by getting me to the top of each little hill, one at a time. In 12 weeks, I had lost 25 lbs and was working out 6 days a week, 3 cardio workouts and 3 weight training sessions. By the end of a year, I had progressed from walking during my cardio to running 5-10K routes. In 2004, I ran my first official 21.1K half marathon, in 2006 I ran my first 42.2K Full Marathon in Corning, NY.

NOW: I have completed 16 Half Marathons, 15 Full Marathons, one 50K Ultra Marathon and numerous other distance races. Among the marathons that I ran were 4 of the World Major marathons, New York Marathon, Berlin Marathon, the Boston Marathon three times and Chicago Marathon, where I finished top 10 in my age category.

That is the story of my transformation…..let me help you transform yours,


-Vicki Brown, PTS

Vicki Brown

-Founder & Owner trans4mation FITNESS

-Connor’s Runners Group Coordinator



  • Personal Training Specialist

  • First Aid

  • CPR

  • AED

Will Power is similar to a muscle, develop it, use it or lose it.
You are the master of your own health & fitness destiny
I can help you shine & reach that destiny!
I believe you can systematically change bad habits & create new ones.