"Vicki keeps you interested and challenged. Since working with Vicki I have never felt stronger both mentally and physically. She genuinely cares about each and every client. It's always exciting to see what she has in store!"

− Mariellen Glover

Each program is designed to:

Prevent injuries
Increase strength
Increase endurance
Increase mobility & stability
Build running specific strength & endurance
Provide a sense of wellbeing & accomplishment
Give you the confidence that fitness is achievable no matter what age or level of current fitness you are at.

Program Types


                                                     o   Program development

                                                     o   General Fitness Training

                                                     o   Weight Training

                                                     o   Strength & Stability Training

                                                     o   Cardio & Core Training

Running Specific:

                                        o   General Strength & Stability Training for Runners

                                        o   “The 2K Push” Program

                                        o   “The Last 10K” Program

Weight Management Counselling

Program Development

Develop a customized program intended to start an individual on the road to reaching their personal fitness goals, suitable for their desired workout location working on their own.

Strength & Stability

A well-constructed program that will add to the rehabilitation, speed, agility, endurance and strength of the individual, usually a periodized program that targets both the strengths and weaknesses of the individual to produce the best possible performance.

Core Training

A customized program that builds core strength and improves balance and coordination.

Weight Loss

Review of your eating habits, work with each individual to find healthier alternatives and provide tools to achieve desired weight loss.

General Fitness & Weight Training

A balanced program tailored to the specific needs of the individual from beginner to advanced. Designed to build confidence as well as strength, endurance and overall fitness needed for daily activities. For those more familiar with weight training, these programs are designed to add variety to stale workout routines and kick start stagnant levels of fitness.

Cardio Training

A 30 minute program which includes a combination of equipment and floor based workouts based on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to increase cardio endurance.

Running Specific Training

Fitness and performance training designed specifically for athletic performance enhancement including such areas as strength, speed, power, endurance, flexibility, mobility, agility, mental preparedness (including goal setting), recovery/regeneration techniques and strategies, nutrition, rehabilitation, pre-habilitation, and injury risk reduction.  Programs range from general cross training programs to programs designed to focus on the last push needed to get you across the finish line….how to dig deep (The 2K Push) and to focus on the long distance runners need for endurance and mental conditioning necessary to remain strong during the last 5K of a half or 10K of a full marathon (The Last 10K).

Private Session

$70-90 Per Hour

Semi-Private Session (Pairs)

$100-150 Per Hour

At Work (2-5)

$80-110 Per Hour

Private and group packages available


Let’s discuss what’s best for you!